Projects in retail

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  • Over the years IPLC has been involved in many projects for retailers. Below you will find a selection of a few, reflecting our experience and know-how.

    Provided strategic consultancy services to a German retailer wishing to completely overhaul its private label architecture. Coaching and training support in the operational execution of business plan.

    Category analysis for a retailer in the Belgian and Dutch food service market. Making recommendations for the assortment, presentation and price positioning from a private label perspective to improve the category performance and profitability.

  • Strategic consultancy and project management support for a retailer in the Netherlands wishing to replace its fancy label retailer brand by a new private label architecture carrying the name of the store banner on the packaging. Setting up an organizational structure to realize this.

    Creation of a range of premium private label products for a retailer in the Netherlands for the festive season during Christmas and Easter period. The project included: concept development, product sourcing, creation of specifically-designed labels and banderoles as well as culinary advice to be printed on the packaging.

    For a retailer and in close cooperation with a number of food manufacturers, an ultra-fresh ready meal concept was developed and subsequently tested in 22 stores.

  • Creation and implementation of a new 300 SKU assortment in make-up and cosmetics for a drugstore in the Netherlands including the development of new product formulations, packaging design and in-store displays.

    Development of a new and innovative health and beauty concept for a drugstore following an out-of-the box approach. In a collaborative team effort the concept was created, manufactured and introduced within a period of nine months.

    Benchmarking the private label strategy and organizational structure of a major retailer in South Africa to improve the overall performance. Recommendations were made on pricing,  product quality, packaging design, in-store presentation and promotion and new product development.



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